Cable Support and Protection

  • Ropebrakes
  • Cable Saddles/Bun
  • Cable Crossover mat 2 & 4 Channel
  • Cable Crossover mat 1 Channel – Regular and Severe Service
  • Cable Stands/Horse
  • Cables
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Hercules Heavy-Duty Mining Trailers / Tow Trucks

  • Mining off highway low bed trailers up to 70MT – 300MT
  • Front and Rear Loading
  • Tow truck attachments with 240 Ton Towing Capacity
  • Tow truck Trailer combination designed for performance and economy
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Hydraulic Drill Stem Wrench

  • Rapidly disconnects drill stems
  • Functions in all weather
  • Operator doesn’t have to leave the cabin to make drill stem changes & controls wrench from the operator’s console
  • Designed for 9 1/4″ – 11 3/4″ diameter drill stem
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Tire Press / Manlift

  • Tire Press capacities up to 320 tons, for changing up to the largest 63″ tires, patented Slide Table, access stairs, remote controls
  • Manlift
    Adjustable speed control valve,
    aluminum non-skid deck surface,
    speed-metered foot-control,
    locked velocity valve blocks operation if hose ruptures

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MineSupply Load Master HD Mining Jacks / Jack Stands

  • Air and Electric Jacks 50-350 Ton Capacity
  • Low Profile Jacks 50-150 Ton Capacity
  • Mobile Hydrualic Jacks 100-200 Ton Capacity
  • Superlift Jack Stands with Transporter
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Cable Satellite Ball /
Haul Truck Spotter

  • Cable Satellite Ball – consistent shape, easier for operator to pick up with bucket, highly visible safe for all weather conditions
  • Haul Truck Spotter – rubber covered cables absorb impact reducing damage, option to change out centre piece, reflective strips for superior visibility
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Tire Handler / Cable Reeler

  • Cable Reeler – Reel in electrical cable while moving. All functions except for crane are controlled by the cabin operator
  • Tire Handler – designed to easily mount and dismount heavy equipment tires
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