Breakout Wrench for Blasthole Drill Stems

Hydraulic Breakout Wrench for Blasthole Drill Stems ranging from 9 1/4″ – 11 3/4″ in diameter.
This wrench gives 70,000 ft. lbs of torque.

Hydraulic Drill Stem Wrench

Models are in service for drills using drill stems from 9 1/4¨ up to 11.75″ diameter.

  • Rapidly disconnects drill stems
  • Functions in all weather conditions.
  • The operator controls wrench from the operator’s console.
  • Wrench consistently disconnects stubborn drill.
  • Stem joints reducing drill downtime.
  • Operator does not have to leave the cabin to make drill stem changes.
  • Automatically compensates for drill stem wear.
  • Wrench uses existing hydraulic pressure from the drill.
  • Simple to install and low maintenance.
  • Worldwide installation services.
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