Hercules Heavy-Duty Mining Trailers – Front or Rear Loading 70mt-300mt

Off-Highway mining trailers for transporting shovels, drills, wheel loaders, wheel dozers.

May be utilized in combination with a truck towing package.

Cost efficient, increases equipment utilization at a low cost.

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Hercules Tow Truck Attachment – 250 ton towing capacity

Convert your surplus mechanical or electrical truck into a truck retrieval vehicle with Hercules’ Tow Attachments.

Attach our Tow Hook and operate with the truck’s existing hydraulic box-operating cylinders. A provided umbilical cord allows you to supply hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical power into the crippled vehicles’ systems, allowing for discharge of load and operation of brakes and lights.

All trailer functions – hydraulic and electrical are connected to a control box mounted on the deck of the towing truck.

These controls are then connected to the controls in the operator’s cabin.

All hydraulic and electrical lines have quick disconnect features.

Visibility is excellent when connecting towing truck to trailer and does not need a 2nd person to assist.

Rear view video cameras are not required.