Our Company

Mining Equipment and Supplies

Our import and export division provides mining equipment and supplies, sources difficult to locate products, product selection and negotiation of purchases, competitive bidding and bid analysis.

MineSupply International™ directly procures mining equipment, supplies and services on a worldwide basis, for both domestic and international clients.

MineSupply International™ works closely with our client’s purchasing office to enhance the effectiveness of their purchasing department.

We overcome language barriers, cultural differences, lack of knowledge of sourcing in the International market.

MineSupply International™ provides the critical link for negotiation, purchasing, consolidation, and shipping, when, due to the complicated nature of some of our client’s requirements several vendors products must be combined into one package.

MineSupply International™ was formed to assist small and medium-sized companies to market their products internationally. We have expanded to include additional services our clients have requested.

We operate as three divisions :

  • Market Research
  • International Market Development
  • Mining Equipment and Supplies